Expansion and Contraction

When deciding what type of garage tiles to choose many topics come up; color, pattern, style and how to avoid buckling. We have been in this industry for a long time and can honestly say we have seen this issue less than a handful of times That being said, the issue does exist and most manufacturers are not talking about it.  Let me assure you there is a solution to the much publicized but little seen buckling issue. We understand this is an issue that needs to be looked at so let’s look at it together.

We’re sure you have researched the product and seen that virtually every major brand of garage floor tile has had customers comment about their garage floor tiles buckling causing the appearance of warping, tenting and a wave look in some areas. This does happen. We know some manufacturers will tell you they have a locking system that keeps your floor from buckling and others will tell you to unpack your tiles let them get a nice tan in the sun and install them warm at their maximum expansion size, both of these things help but neither will eliminate the threat of possible buckling. We also know all of the major garage floor manufacturers advise you leave a ½” gap around the edge of the flooring to allow for expansion this will help if your whole floor expands and contracts at the same rate. Most garage floor tiles are made of polypropylene which like all other building materials expands and contracts with temperature changes. If you have an open garage door or large temperature swings, no matter what any savvy sales person may tell you there is no way to 100% guarantee against buckling with solid tiles.

So are we saying you should only use tiles to cover your garage floor if it is going to stay empty and void of sunlight? No. We would however recommend the True Lock Plus Premium Ribbed garage floor tile. This tile has a proprietary structuring of the underside and a vented top side allowing each tile to absorb less heat than traditional solid tiles as well as expand and contract within itself so that the overall size of each tile is not affected. Since each tile remains the same size the issue of buckling is eliminated.

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