Do All Garage Floor Tiles Make Noise?

Do Garage Floor Tiles Make Noise?

PVC ties are not noisy

PVC Garage Floor Tiles Deaden Sound

PVC tiles are very quiet. Polypropylene tiles and an engineered underside that is designed to allow water to flow and evaporate. This can cause a hollow sound or even a clicking in some garages.

First and foremost, make sure you sweep and vacuum the garage before installing the tile.  Dust, sand and other small particles are frequently a cause of the ‘cracking’ noise heard in garages with tile floors. That said a very inexpensive solution is to roll out some synthetic landscape fabric prior to installing your garage floor tile.

The synthetic landscape fabric creates a barrier between the concrete floor and the tiles. It acts as a slip sheet but, because it is designed for use in wet environments, has little if any affect of water and air.

One last note, our TrueLock Plus Ribbed garage floor tile is also extremely quiet and is the perfect tile for most residential garages.

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