TrueLock PVC

Our Most Popular PVC Tile at an Affordable Price

Our TrueLock PVC is perfect for the garage floor, industrial installation, commercial installation ore basement floor where a single color PVC tile is desired. PVC provides additional levels of protection to the substrate below by offering a virtually watertight surface. TrueLock PVC can be installed in a checkered or other pattern but our forklift tough T Locks will leave a puzzle like appearance.

TrueLock PVC Patterns & LocksThe TrueLock PVC tiles require the use of a rubber mallet. This provides a tight light that makes it difficult, if not impossible for any fluids to penetrate. We offer a high gloss showroom and garage top coat for protection from stains and a 100% watertight surface

This product has been used in the most strenuous of applications. From heavy industrial use to government facilities and of course your personal garage. In addition to a virtually seamless appearing surface, the PVC floor tiles are much quieter than rigid garage floor tiles.

  • Forklift Tough *
  • Virtually Watertight
  • Time Tested
  • Low Profile
  • Over 4 Pounds Per Tile
  • Coin or Smooth Pattern
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Adjusts to Grade Change *
  • Quiet Floor

* Please note that the use of forklifts may, in some applications require the use of adhesive on certain parts of your concrete floor. PVC tiles are flexible and will generally contour to minor grade changes. Some grade changes may require the use of adhesive. This product is not certified 100% watertight, however, locking two tiles together, you will see that in most instances fluids can not penetrate.


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