TrueLock HD Series

TrueLock HD: Our Best, Rigid Garage Floor Tile.

Our  TrueLock HD garage tiles are 12″x 12″ x  1/2″ thick. . Customers often ask if there is that much of a difference between the TrueLock Diamond and the TrueLock HD. In a word YES. Keep in mind that does not mean you need the premium quality tile.  In many cases though, our True Lock HD in the ribbed style  is the best possible selection for a residential garage.

Like any building material, garage floors will expand and contract. If you have large temperature swings inside your garage. This can be made even worse with garage floors that have partial exposure to direct sunlight as a portion of your floor is expanding and contracting, while a portion of your floor does not. If expansion and contraction is not properly accounted for it can become an issue with any garage floor tile. Our ribbed garage floor tiles absorb the expansion and contraction within the tile itself.

Of course, our HD series comes in many patterns. We also offer a diamond pattern and coin pattern, carpet tile and a sport floor / deck tile. Each of these tiles have specific benefits for various applications. Our online dealers have experts standing by to assist you in determining which TrueLock garage floor tile is best for you.

  • Guaranteed NOT to Stain
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 50,000 Pound Rollover Rating
  • Made in USA
  • 4 Locks Per Side
  • Engineered Underside
  • Supports Jack Stands
  • UV Stable
  • Chemical Resistant

TrueLock Plus Patterns

Again, it is important to remember that all garage floor tiles will expand and contract.  If a portion of your garage floor is exposed to direct sunlight and you don’t leave expansion gaps, you may have expansion and contraction issues. For best results leave tiles in sun as installing.


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