TrueLock American Made Garage Flooring Tile

TrueLock provides quality products, manufactured across the country, under a single reputable label. TrueLock is a Brand, not a manufacturer. Why?

We believe there are a lot of quality manufacturing facilities already making product. Our experience is each of these facilities will have a segment of the market at which they excel. Our goal is to contract the manufacturing of TrueLock brand products with the top manufacturing facilities in their respective categories, in the country.

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Our mission

An American Garage Flooring Brand

To provide American Made garage flooring products that provide the quality we have come to expect from American Workmanship.

To combine multiple, quality, American Made products under a single brand that benefits the retailer and the consumer alike. To offer products at a wide range of prices while maintaining performance.

Specialized in Garage Floor Tile

Not all garage flooring tile is created equal and not all garage floor tile will work for all purposes. Our online retailers can help you match the best product to your needs.

There is no single tile for all garage, industrial, commercial and residential needs. That’s why we have four distinct lines. Each line caters to a specific segment of the market and each line will be better at one part of the industry than another.